alias to dream was conceived in 1996 when I, a restless 20 year old, was wandering through a bookstore and imagined a work that would do the same—floating from one section to another, belonging in literature, science fiction, romance, fantasy, poetry, philosophy, and even the kid’s section. A work that would serve as a crossroads for fictions, where each genre would be treated as a particular section of the orchestra, all coming together to serve a single, yet multiple, score.

After many experiments (including all the failures), I had mapped out the beginning, middle, and end of an array of fictions. I had also—after many, many trials!—discovered how to get all of these fictions to play nice with one another (or so I hoped): a tesseract matryoshka doll, where the smallest includes the largest, and all the middling dolls hug all the rest.

I could spin metaphors all day long. What matters for this introduction is that you get a sense of what you’re getting into. This serialized version of alias to dream will begin with the last volume of the series: The Blackbird Variations, taking place between 1996 and 2000 of our timeline, and covering the origin stories of the main themes of the other dreamt realities.

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"Once upon a time ... the end."


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